Why Phone Support is so bad these days

phone supportFor those of you that don’t know me or have not yet read my bio page, I do phone support for a software company.  This post is going to be one sided but not the way you might think.

Let me start by saying that an individual person by and large is a smart animal.  The human animal possesses the potential for great compassion, great understanding, great learning, great skills.  We can send a man to the moon.  We can land rovers on mars.  We can split and fuse the atom.  We can clone barnyard animals. We can transplant organs. We have built vehicles that break the speed of sound and glide 50 fathoms down in the oceans.  Let me end this preamble by stating also that PEOPLE or rather any GROUP of PEOPLE are like stupid moronic herd animals.  The mere crack of a whip or the smell of another animal will send them into a complete and utter frenzy of stupidity.

That being said, the main reason phone tech support is so bad these days is because people really do still believe in “MAGIC”.  People calling on the phone want a “magic button” or a “magic switch” that can be flipped that will “magically cure” their pc ills.  People calling in for tech support have no desire to actually fix their issue. They would much rather be an idol observer watching the person with the knowledge do all the work.  People on the phone asking for your help have no desire whatsoever to help themselves.  They have no interest in learning.  It makes you wonder how these people have the will power to get up out of bed in the morning.

People calling in for computer support of any kind behave as if you are a traveling gypsy with the power to read there palms, or the old west water witch that can “Devine”, as a good friend of mine put it, what the hell they are thinking.  These same people have the audacity to get upset with YOU for using your proven methods of extracting the real problem.  Is it really too much to ask that we get complete, gramatically correct sentances? They even get mad at you when you explain that they called the wrong company for support.  (yes they do that)

In short, the next time you call any one for tech support for your computer, be NICE and take pitty on the people on the other end.

Who knows you MIGHT get better service!


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