Emotional Frame of Mind

the emotional mindI struggle every day, in a world that surrounds me with xstians not to become that emotional “angry atheist” that causes their friends to leave the room or scares the children spouting off the facts they have never heard from their parents.  It is such a seriously hard line to walk.  I love all my friends and I don’t want to loose any of them.  I just hope every time I wade into the realm of debate with them that I don’t wind up alienating them.  On the other hand, I am not one that will back down from said debate.  I have very strong beliefs based on fact and reason.

It’s tough when you live in a world with folks that are obviously intelligent and yet they pursue causes out of ritual or habit. People that no longer question the why of the world or want to know the truths all around them. People that you might see as incredible conversationalists or thinkers yet they choose to overlook obvious inconsistencies in logic and reason. Tough, living with the realization that these otherwise brilliant people will never change their minds, no matter how much science or proof you draw to their attention. Its super easy to become that angry, profane individual when you feel like you are screaming at the top of your lungs that the world is round not flat, and no one will listen to you.

…oh wait, that’s another story, isn’t it?

Life is all just a matter of perceptions.  Some people think the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, when in fact, the sun never moves at all.


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