Inaugural cookie tossing

inagural cookie tossing           I am sick to death of all the hype regarding president elect Obama’s inauguration. It is tantamount to inaugural cookie tossing. If I hear one more news outlet use the tired cliche that this is a “truly historical moment” I think I am going to toss my cookies, barf, vomit, upchuck, get the idea.

I was as pleased as the next fellow when Obama won the election in a clear and decisive way.  I believe the man will bring his much avowed and much postulated change.  Maybe not in all the ways a republican would but really it can only get better, right Bush?  Anyway, I am so tired of seeing the maps of the White house lawn and capitol grounds. We have seen enough interviews with the supposedly countless throngs of people that will make their way to the event tickets in hand or no.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe this is a very significant event that says a great deal about our growth in terms of diversity and equality for sure. My problem is that we don’t need to be reminded of it every day three and four times a day.  Yes its important, but, the more we sensationalize it the more it seems like we are just trying too hard to make a point that does not need to be made.  Let us stop making EVERYTHING about race including this event.  That alone would show people of the world that we have truly and once and for all changed.

My only consolation at the moment is that the inauguration is less than a week away and then hopefully most of this over reporting will disappear with it.


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