A Laptop will NEVER be as good as a desktop

I read a news article this morning about how a case can be made, using certain statistics, that laptop computers will someday make desktop computers obsolete. It made me think pretty hard about how the world is evolving. Working with the always changing computer industry all day, every day, I feel I am well equipped to voice an opinion about this.

You might think this is really a silly thing to get all worked up about, but, it bothers me that this kind of thinking does laptoppeedogseem to be creeping into people’s brains. What I mean is, when you go to big chain stores like Bust Buy, Whack Mart, or any number of countless retail markup machines, you will find a wide array of laptop computers that all claim to be the perfect home computer. Don’t get me wrong, laptops indeed have their place in the world. They certainly work for many folks on the go. They work for people who don’t do much more than surf the internet or watch the odd DVD or YouTube video. They have the advantages of portability as well as built in battery backup, but the drawbacks for more advanced computer users make them an illogical choice.

Those of us that are advanced PC users can’t live using just a laptop, and if you describe ALL the drawbacks of the laptop to a new buyer they will inevitably choose a laptop over a desktop. Now I am not talking about these sardine packed pre-fab cookie cutter computers from the likes of Dull Inc, Guttway Inc, or CrApple. You know the companies I am talking about. These things could be squashed down vertically and they would BE laptops, that’s how tightly they are packed. No, what I mean and what I advocate to ALL people who are truly interested in computers is to BUILD YOUR OWN. It is not as hard as you think. You will have upgradability, powerful video for gaming and making or watching movies and the satisfaction that YOU built a machine!


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