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I work with computers and all their various sundry components, parts and accessories all day every day.  Being a PC Jockey makes me quite attuned to the health of all these parts of a whole usually.  Last week I lost a good buddy. My trusty HP 1200hardware Series Laser-Jet printer passed on.  That little guy and I met some ten years ago when I first got the job I have currently.  He was moved in with me because of space issues elsewhere in the building.  We have shared an office ever since.  He was always there for me, the quick print, the lengthy technical document, all those years of printing and reprinting revisions on installation instructions and email newsletters.  Thick and thin we have been through it all.  Last week i needed to print an invoice for a customer and the little guy let out a horrible death rattle and then with his last breath he screamed in agony as gears stripped and his functions slipped away.

It really didn’t hit me until this week that he was really gone.  I needed to print out a list of files.  I hit the print button before I thought about it and sat staring sadly at the small grey and white plastic derelict sitting there in his usual place.  He made no sounds and didn’t wink at me with his little green light to let me know the print was on its way.  I had to move him out of our office and into the computer graveyard that is our storage room.  That’s where all the dead printers gadgets, consoles, and hardware goes when they have met their maker.

The next time you use a piece of trusty hardware don’t take it for granted.  Work like there is no tomorrow and give  the Hardware Heroes the praise and admiration they deserve, because..

…you never know when they might kick the proverbial computer bucket and wont be there to back you up anymore.


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