Turkey Day Goes to the Dogs.. 1

I don’t know about you, but at my house, I can almost NEVER resist the sad eyes and begging demeanor of my doggie when its turkey time.  In keeping with the season, I wondered if any of my soon to be Thanksgiving meal was bad for my pup.  All the web articles I have read seem to say about the same things.

Looks like the key to giving a bit of Thanksgiving dinner to the dog or cat is to give just a bit – moderation. Large amounts of unfamiliar foods will cause nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea in pets. Instead, offer a small amount of turkey and stuffing mixed in with the dog’s normal food.  You really don’t ever want to give your dog a bone from any kind of fowl.  This is because the bones in birds are hollow and when a dog chews them they tend to splinter.  Remember that chocolate in any amount is toxic to a dog.  You may be tempted to feed them just a bit especially around the holidays BUT BEWARE.  ANY amount is harmful to a dog.  they may not exhibit sickness signs after eating a small amount but their body still has to metabolize the toxin and hours or days later they will be sick.

I will follow these rules myself and Skipper, that’s ma dawg, will surely have a great meal on T-Day, just like the rest of us!  Cheers to all!

My Dog Skipper!



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