Thai tom yum gong

Thai One on with Friends

Thai tom yum gong


I often work on people’s computers. I do it for fun. I do it to make connections with people.  I do it because there is a need.  I lost count long ago of how many friends I have made with this philosophy.  Most of the time I get paid in the end by having improved my friendships or making connections that lead to other paying jobs.  I don’t look at it as work. I look at it as a way to share with folks and get to know people. Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of having Thai food and getting to know one of my coworkers and her family better while taking care of a little computer issue they had.  Not sure I helped much, just checked the main components, vid card, memory, power supply, you know.  Luckily it wasn’t anything major.  Few component reseats and a bios reset and viola, a booting PC.

thai beer



What made the night super special was that payment I mentioned.  I had AMAZING Thai food cooked in a real, as they put it, “working kitchen” by my friend’s husband.  I have had Thai before but after this meal I would like to say I have NEVER had Thai until tonight.  Thai beer, Green Curry with Beef, Lemongrass Shrimp soup with Thai chilies, read that as super HOT, and fresh fried rice with chicken.  I loved every bite.  I loved the company and conversation.  I don’t write about every meal but I felt like this one was worth noting.

So here’s to Lisa and Rick who treated me like family just for helping them with a computer problem. Thanks guys!

Update 12/20/2015 : Rick passed away mid year last year. He was a good fellow and will be missed.


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