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Magnetic Personalities

magnetic magnetqueenThroughout the course of my life I have met some extremely colorful characters.  I have a large circle of people who I am happy to call friends.  I have a lot of clients that I work for that I don’t really consider friends.  I want to tell you about a couple that fall into the former group of magnetic personalities.

These folks originally joined my group of acquaintances by becoming customers of mine. I was approached to update their existing business website, MagnetQueen.  It was a long process as their website was a bit larger than I anticipated.  Long jobs, as any developer or graphic designer will tell you, tend to stick with you.  This one introduced me to Brian and Liza,  Native New Yorker’s that migrated their business here to Tennessee.  They make Save the Date Magnets for weddings, birthdays, graduations, you name it.

Brian is a Fordham University graduate and Liza is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design.  Together they have owned and run their own successful business for many, many years.  They would tell you that they wish they could be a lot more successful but, what other person wouldn’t  tell you the same?   They are a fun couple that likes the arts and are superb conversationalist and over the years I have grown very fond of them.  Most importantly they make some of the coolest magnets you can imagine.  My refrigerator is covered with picture magnets and fun magnets they have made for me over the years.

If you are in the market for some unique invites to give for your next event.  I hope you will consider my friend’s work.  I think you will be very pleased.

Here’s to you Brian and Liza.


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