2020 new year

New Year 2020 new Decade

My thoughts on new year’s resolutions for the 2019/2020 new year, new decade all revolve around the idea of Karma, positivity and the realization that once you let go of the fear, self loathing and doubts we all carry around with us we become the people we wish we could all be.

Be conscious of your body language and how you speak to others.

Pictures paint a thousand words, and so do eye-rolls, slouches, and crossed arms. Simply carrying yourself or speaking to someone in a positive way makes you more approachable and people will become more comfortable around you. Be the person that everyone loves hanging out with just because of your magnetic physical energy – be that person that lights up a room.

Say thank you like you mean it

Saying thank you is one thing, but saying it with feeling is another. Instead of saying a quick ‘cheers’ when someone does you a favour, use words like ‘grateful’ and ‘appreciate’ to give more meaning to the gesture. Telling someone you truly appreciate their help or advice will make them feel great and is the ideal way to practice gratitude.

List it, speak it, live it

Noting down what you’re grateful for and voicing it to a friend on a regular basis is one of the single best ways to actively practice gratitude. Do this at the beginning of your day to go out into the world with a spring in your step. Go one step further and remind yourself of one thing you’re grateful for before you go to sleep at night, to send you off into a blissful slumber.

If Today is not your day, try to make it someone else’s

You’re human, we all are, and there will be days when you won’t be your happy-go-lucky self. And that’s okay! Shake it off, do your thing, and know that tomorrow will be better. These days are the perfect opportunity to practice karma; even though you’re not feeling it, go and send some good energy out by doing someone a favour or handing out a compliment to someone else. Good for you, great for them, and to get good karma, you have to give it.

Tune in to what’s around you

Offer to make someone a cup of tea if you sense they’re tired, ask your bus driver how they are, or pause for a moment to breathe in the air on those sunny days. By tuning into and engaging with what’s around you in a positive way, you’ll naturally practice karma and gratitude without even noticing it. It’s the simple things that count with both of these ideas.

2020 new year


Choose one… Choose all of them… Choose one to focus on one month, and another the next…Make up your own! Practicing gratitude and karma is personal, and you’ll find some techniques work better than others for you, so experiment and see what sticks. The more you make it a habit to push yourself to practice these, the more it will be a natural part of who you are. Actively practicing will become passive and second nature. Make 2020 your most positive year yet!


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