Post Views: 4,408 I stepped into our neighborhood bargain store and immediately my eyes were drawn to a shelf in the far corner where a lone box marked Weber sat. […]

Oh What a twisted Weber we weave.

paper bag
Post Views: 4,948 Instead of making an overwrought, nationalistic, fake patriotic post about America I would like to post in praise of the humble paper bag.  You often overlook little […]

In Praise of the Humble Paper Bag

Post Views: 5,461 Belsnickle is not Santa Claus. The Pennsylvania Dutch, who were not Dutch at all, but ”Deutsche”, or German, are credited with bringing many of their country’s Christmas […]

Belsnickle or Pelz-nickle is not Santa Claus

Post Views: 4,541 Throughout my life,  being exposed to many, many different genres of music I developed a particular fascination with amazing movie soundtrack composers. I have over 300 movie music […]

Amazing Movie Soundtrack Composers

Post Views: 4,370 It has been a while since I made any kind of reference to the work that I do. This is actually a great thing. In general when […]

Work I do : Update

80s Toys : M.U.S.C.L.E. men 1
Post Views: 9,479 I know. I know. There are millions of blog posts about Obscure 80s toys you loved.  There is a reason for that. They make cool posts! So in […]

Obscure 80s toys you loved

Post Views: 4,658 Most teenagers tend to gravitate towards some genre of music. They tend to keep coming back and enjoying that music all of their lives. I was no […]

Synthwave Revolution

Do not fear
Post Views: 4,434 I am convinced that fear drives almost all of our behaviors. It has become more and more clear to me as I have gotten older and more […]

Fear the Mind Killer

Post Views: 5,003 I had the distinct displeasure of sitting within listening distance of a family at dinner tonight. My ears were assailed with the most incredulous conversation regarding tattoos […]

Mother of all tattoo myths

Post Views: 4,224 This year’s celebrations are truly filled with a great many “firsts” for me. With this in mind I wanted to list them out and note my gratitude […]

Gratitude 2015