January, the Super Creepy Month.

January really creeps me out.  I am not sure I know why, but I think it has something to do with the cold, rain, shortness of the day and the utter lack of anything interesting going on here in Tennessee. I certainly enjoy winter weather. We just don’t get much of it here.  This tends to make the month of January drag by like a dead body rolled up in a dirty carpet.


The dead, bare and colorless trees sadly hold themselves up standing around like groups of people in the night shift emergency room. Less sunshine means we don’t want to go out in the evenings like we do in the summer.  Seeing one’s own breath curling around in ghostly and mysterious shapes in the mornings is actually pretty unnerving when you think about it.

I found this GIF image and it sums up how I feel about January as it seems to slowly roll into the rest of the year.


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