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man-of-steel-fan    I was very apprehensive about a year ago when I first heard they were going to reboot the whole superman man of steel franchise.  I am an old school fan of the whole superman comic series.  John Byrne is a hero of mine on an entirely different level since I fancy myself as an artist.  Unlike most I have a very fond spot in my heart for the 80’s movies.

I can happily say that all my expectations and hopes for this movie were met, and then some.  The movie is action packed from beginning to end.  There are already a million reviews floating around so I will not insult you with finite details.  I will, however say that I loved it.  I want to see it again.

I will point out what I feel are the high points.  The movie looks great from a special effects and costume point of view.  Every single actor in it seemed to do a really good job of playing the various rolls as well as fleshing out physically the characters.  The story was great.  It was complex and rich and had a very well defined beginning middle and end.

I will also point out the flaws  I was not a huge fan of the somewhat washed out colors even when they were used to great effect. It almost made me think something was wrong with my eyes.  There were also some spots where the camera seemed like it was on a long, very shaky bamboo pole.  It just jiggled and bobbed all around in some spots.

Nitpicks aside it was a tremendous restart of a great story.  Go See it!


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