If you can’t do these 6 things you should not own a computer

mungo own a computerRecently I was privileged to have received a promotion where I work.  I was promoted from the ranks of telephone support to product manager.  I still speak with customers on a regular basis and I still do support in a higher level and more specialized way. I just don’t take calls all day every day as I did before.  Having worked for so many years in the trenches doing daily support of software and networks I have learned these ineffable tenants and truths. If you cannot do these six things you should not own a computer.

If you cannot do the following 6 minimal computer tasks in an expedient and fluid way then you need to have your telephone dialing hand lopped off at the wrist and your license to buy and use computers permanently revoked.

Copy and Paste

You don’t get off easily on this one because it means copy and paste EVERYTHING not just text.  If you cannot copy a file from one folder to another as easily as you copy text from one place to another then you need MORE PRACTICE!

Attach a file to an Email

Let me get this straight you can get in a car, start her up and drive yourself to work but you can’t attach a file to an email and send it to a poor struggling support person?  This is not a revelation that has just appeared out of nowhere in the last 6 days.  Sending files via email is an OLD FUNCTION. LEARN IT.

Download a File from the internet

It’s easy to click on a little blue link or button on a website isn’t it?  Now for the hard part, telling the download you just launched to download to a location on your PC that YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH.  If you are one of the knuckleheads out there that has to download a file two and three times because you either don’t pay attention to where a file downloads or where you told a file to download last I have a TASER FOR YOU!

Zip or Unzip a Compressed File

This goes hand in hand with sending files via email.  No we don’t want you to send us a 40 MB file attached to an email.  If you do this you will usually find that your email is BLOCKED since most email servers set a limit on file attachment size.  CAN’T ZIP A FILE? DON’T SEND EMAILS!

Figure out what a file’s extension is or turn on visible file extensions.

Look, I will be the first to tell you that this one is somewhat tricky to pull off.  It is not difficult if you just know how to RIGHT CLICK.  If you cannot with some level of intelligence right click a file and read info about that file that you see THEN YOU NEED TO TURN OFF THE PC!

Last but NOT least, and for the love of all that is good and right in the world, if you cannot do ANY of these things but  you ARE able to do this last one you will be ok.

Use a Search Engine website to LOOK THINGS UP.


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