1973 a Year in Review, The year I was born

Well, it’s my birthday on November the 13th.  When my birthday rolls around, I always find myself looking to the past. Since I was born in 1973. I personally have never really looked into the events of my birth year so I thought I would research a bit and share my findings.  Turns out it was a rather amazing year and not just because I was born.  Here is the list of factoids I discovered.1973

Some of my favorite movies were released the year I was born, 1973.

The classic Horror movie The Exorcist

Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee

George Lucas’s first film American Graffiti

The Sting starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford



Some of the events of 1973 really surprised me.

The first part of the ill-fated first space station Skylab was launched into orbit

The Watergate Scandal caused Richard Nixon to resign the presidency

The Roe vs. Wade Supreme court decision made abortion legal

The World Trade Center opened in New York

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency is created.

The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its list of known mental disorders


A lot of great music was released in ’73.

Pink Floyd released their Landmark Album Dark Side of the moon

Elvis performed his Aloha in Hawaii concert

Aerosmith released their debut album Aerosmith

Kiss performs their first concert, at the Coventary Club in Queens

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells becomes the first release on Richard Branson’s newly-launched Virgin label

The Who release Quadrophenia

Brothers Malcolm and Angus Young perform as AC/DC at the former Sydney nightclub ‘Chequers’ for their New Year’s Eve party


We lost some pretty important people passed away.

Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973

Betty Grable, 1916-1973

Bruce Lee, 1940-1973

Lon Chaney Jr., 1906-1973

J.R.R. Tolkien, 1892-1973

Jim Croce, 1943-1973

David “Stringbean” Akeman, 1916-1973

Lyndon B. Johnson, 1908-1973


Quite a few New Faces, aside from mine, decided to make an appearance.

Oscar de la Hoya, American boxer born Feb 4th

Steve McNair, American football player Feb 14th

David Blaine, American magician April 4th

Carson Daly, American talk show host June 22nd

Monica Lewinsky, American former White House intern July 23rd

Seth MacFarlane, American animator and voice actor, Oct 26th

Terrell Owens, American football player, Dec 7th

Seth Meyers, American actor and comedian, Dec 28th

Well, now I feel like I know a bit more about the year I was born.  Hopefully you found that reading this was as enjoyable as it was for me to write it.  Until next year!


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