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movies Take OneSo I have to go back to the old office tomorrow.  I am ready.  I feel like I have had a great holiday.  I feel like I have never been closer to my family and my friends.

     All this time off has given me an opportunity to get all caught up on my movie viewing.  Here is a quick breakdown of my opinion on some of the newer films floating around out there.  Most of my friends know my rating system for movies.

There are only three levels.

No re-watching necessary.  In other words, you wont get a damn thing more out of this steaming pile even if you watched it a dozen more times.

Its worth watching a few times.  Replaying these flix will allow you  to squeeze all the juicy goodness out of the plot, acting and visuals but DON’T BUY cause you would waste your cash.

BUY THIS MOVIE!  You need to add this gem to your collection, its worth eternal replays.

So we go :

Avatar : Could have been the greatest movie ever.  I loved it don’t get me wrong, the story held it back some.  You have NEVER seen a movie this visually stunning.  It is what they say a game changer.


Paranormal Activity : Nice scare your girlfriend movie with a lot of heart.  You could tell it was well thought out, until its puny ending.  Over all I’d watch it more than once (I did) to get all you can out of it.

     – Its worth watching a few times.

The Life of David Gale : I am a sucker for Kevin Spacey, just a phenomenal actor.  He was no let down here I tell ya.  Depressing as hell, twisting, turning plot.  Great story dragged down by supporting actors.

     – Its worth watching a few times.

Law Abiding Citizen : Jamie fox as a district attorney?  Gimme a break.  Gerrard butler is brilliant but what a loopy story.  A one watcher at best

     – No re-watching necessary

Taken : I love Liam Neeson in most movies, but in this one he was flat and lifeless and really out of place.  To be honest, the kidnapp my kid genre has been beaten to death.  This is just one more LOG on the fire.

     – No re-watching necessary

The Burrowers : A nifty premise.  Horror / Monster movie set in the old west.  Great Creature, not scarey at ALL.  Neat story, that had no clear beginning or end.  Strange sums it up pretty well.

     – No re-watching necessary

Sideways : Very nice movie worthy of the paise it received.  Great acting and nice cinemetography.  LOTSA a loose plot ends that NEVER get resolved.

     – Its worth watching a few times.

     Well thats all. I plan on catching Sherlock Holmes soon I may update this post with that info since it WILL be this month.  Ciao!


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