Floppy Seconds

floppy20disk20holder  As I shuffled through all my sundry computer components that I have collected over the years I ran into caches of floppy disks in at least three different places.  This made me wonder what I could have been thinking at the time I hid them all away like a large, burley, somewhat pale hamster.  I mean I seem to have bought enough “floppies” to last me a life time.

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, ahem… I mean, long ago when I was first getting into computers it seemed like I was ALWAYS in need of a floppy.  Showing my age, I can remember when they were the only way to get files from computer A to computer B without having both hooked into a network.  My, how times have changed.  Nowadays those of us in the tech industry never leave home without our tiny thumb drives.  I count no less than 4 hanging off my key ring even now.  All range in size from a massive 32 Gigabytes down to the lowly 4 Gigabytes.  Lets us compare this to the humble floppy which can only hold a measly 1.5 Megabytes.

My question now is this; since I don’t have a floppy drive in any of my 4 PCs what the heck am I holding on to all these disks for?  Do people still buy floppy disks?  I guess I need to look into the best way to recycle them since it looks like I won’t ever need them again.  I am more than a little sad to see my buddies go.


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