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lovecraft eavesdropper

Now here is something interesting. Did you know that H.P. Lovecraft destroyed most of his early writings?

A great writer already, by any stretch of the imagination at the young age of 18, H.P.Lovecraft decided to perform a bit of literary housecleaning as it were.  What this means to us is that a huge amount of this brilliant writer’s early work is lost forever. We can thank his mother for what little does survive. Most of the things he kept himself were his scientific writings rather than his fiction, or in a few cases some of his verse.

Now, I often hear about films that turn up in some dusty vault half a world away or a reel of nitrate that pops up in some ancient steamer trunk.  There is a real chance that one day some of Lovecraft’s lost works will turn up. You want to know what your looking for now don’t you?  Without further adieu here is a list, probably not complete, of Lovecraft’s Non-Extant works.

The Noble Eavesdropper, The Haunted House, The Secret of the Grave, John the Detective, The Picture, The Mystery of Murdon Grange, and Life and Death.

Most of these are talked about in other books or discussed in various correspondence between Lovecraft himself and is contemporaries and family.  We can only hope that these stories pop up in some collection somewhere or some library forgotten by time in some musty old college.  Wouldn’t that be R’lyeh cool?


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