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Nerd in 1950, A Geisel invention

I love Theodor Geisel.  He is my kind of nerd. His books were a wonderful window into imagination when I was a child.  My boys are too old now for it really but I still very much enjoy reading Dr. Seuss to my friend Jim’s little girl.  I was recently on the hunt for tidbit of info and discovered with a large grin that my hunt and the good Doctor intersected in a rather comical way.

I was looking into the  origins of the word “nerd”.  It seems that in 1950 the term “nerd” was first used by Dr. Seuss in the book “If I ran the Zoo”.  It was a description of a little creature and had little to do with the common term we all know today.

Just thought you all might enjoy that bit of info.  It made me laugh.

nerd seuss


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