Health Care Hocus-Pocus

health care     I want to keep this brief.  I also want to be clear in my point here.  I do not endorse large government.  Quite the opposite, I want smaller government with less legislation.  People should not have their lives dictated or controlled by government.  I don’t need any entity telling me what I can and cannot do in my home, car or in my choices.  I believe this is what would end up happening if the government begins trying to “help us” by mandating and controlling our healthcare options.  I already pay taxes for what I consider worthless programs.  I don’t want to pay for any more.

We all need to do a better job of helping ourselves.  I welcome collectively agreed upon legislation to force insurance companies and hospitals to do what is right and charge less and provide better coverage and services.  Legislate the companies at the root cause of costs being out of reach of the average person.  That’s all fine and good, but DO NOT TELL ME I HAVE TO PAY FOR FREE SERVICES for people that cannot “afford” insurance.  Going down this path will only lead to higher taxes and more red tape to cut through to get so called “health care”.

To sum up, lets all lobby our representatives to go after the companies and hospitals while letting them know we don’t want to pay for a “program” that will take far more money and will in the end fail.


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