I will admit it. I watch cartoons occasionally and I am almost 40 years old.  As I watch the shows that come on today, all they really do is serve as a vehicle to take me back to what was for me the golden age of well-developed and well orchestrated cartoon shows of the 80’s. […]

Cartoon Nerd Fun – Theme Songs

Being a big guy, and loving Halloween like I do, I thought it would be helpful and humorous to run down a list of the Halloween costume ideas I entertained this year.  I will definitely be picking from this list for future costume ideas.  If you are an extra rotund, […]

Extra Large Halloween

Last weekend I had the pre-Halloween fever pretty bad so I procured an early copy of a Halloween movie that will be released on October the 6th. If you like horror flicks and enjoy Halloween this movie will thrill you. I liken it to George Romero directed Steven King written Creepshow […]

A New Halloween Movie to Set the Season