Xmas 2008

xmasXmas again.

It is a foregone conclusion that for xmas this year we will all collectively spend an average (if you’re into statistics) of 84 minutes or more online reading our favorite blogs, news websites, and shopping.  Many folks will be looking like mad for the latest deals to spend their new found gift cards on, others will simply be looking for an escape from the hell that is the annual family get together.  I myself will be spending the day with my fantastic wife, my oldest son who is in from Iraq, my middle boy who’s most looking forward to a broadcloth shirt to make him look good for his band mates at school, and my rambunctious youngest child who will be thrilled to no end that we did get him the things he asked for on his xmas list.  I will not however hear from my mother or father, which if you know me is not a bad thing.

Whatever the case may be I wish everyone that reads this a wonderful day.


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