January Makes me Yawn..then Cry

After the end of the world passed us by without so much as a dull roar, and all the Holiday Shenanigans have come to aimages close, and all the hullabaloo regarding the government has somewhat settled, what are we left with? It’s really a dull, dull month January isn’t it?  It makes me yawn. I think the most interesting news I have heard this month is that Google has ended support for its free outlook and calendar syncing app.

That latter bit of info really makes me ill.  I only just discovered the joy of syncing my work calendar with my android phone via Google calendar.  Now I am on the hunt for something that will do the same job that is not an officially endorsed Google app.  Let’ be clear Google makes the OS that my smart phone uses, it makes the web based email I use

, it makes the calendar that I link my outlook to.  They do this all for FREE but for some reason make it incredibly difficult to connect all these things together.  I guess the real reason can be best summed up in one word. Microsoft.

Oh well I still love you Google.  You just make it hard sometimes.




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