Black and White horror films to DIE FOR

So I love horror and I love black and white films.  Thought I would put together a list of the  old black and white movies that I enjoy.  I left some conspicuous entries out ( i happen to like sound)




Dracula (1931)

Renfield has arrived in Transylvania to do a job for a particular Count that resides there.  However once he enters Dracula’s home, he falls under the spell and soon turns to serve the Count.  Dracula then travels to England where he seeks a bride and finds a few women to grab a taste of.  But Van Helsing will attempt to stop him but could it be too late?






Frankenstein (1931)

Dr. Henry Frankenstein has become obsessed with the subject of what it is that creates life. Intent on proving that he can create life itself, he and his assistant Fritz have been digging up corpses from graves and trying to assemble a man from parts, with the intent of bring it to life.  But once he does it, he realizes he can’t control the creature and soon must seek to destroy his very creation.







Wolfman (1941)

Larry Talbott has returned home to his family’s estate after an 18 year absence however not everything is as he left it.  Seems some werewolf stories are running about and when Larry and 2 ladies go out for fun, they run into a wolf.  Larry saves the life of Gina but her friend Jenny isn’t so lucky.  Larry gets bit the battle by the creature but the next morning the wound is gone and so is the wolf, with only the body of an old gypsy man in its place.  The police begin to investigate but Larry soon convinces himself that he’s now a werewolf.  Trouble is, there are more dead bodies popping up that could prove it.








Them (1954)

After several people in the New Mexico desert wind up dead, the police and FBI investigate and are shocked to find gigantic ants, whose mutations were caused by the first atomic bomb explosion nine years earlier. They manage to destroy the nest of ants, but not before two winged queen ants have hatched and escaped the nest. Now they the US Government has to find the creatures before the breed and destroy the entire continent.




The Fly,


The Fly (1958)

Andre Delambre is playing around with his new invention, a teleportation device.  Soon he decides to change from inanimate matter to actual human matter and does using himself.  But something goes terribly wrong and Andre ends up merging with a fly that accidentally got into the chamber.  He will try and do everything he can to change himself back but it may not work and he might instead start taking on the characteristics of a giant fly.








The Flesh and the Fiends (1959)

It is 1828 and local surgeon/professor Dr. Knox relies on grave-robbers to supply him with fresh bodies for his anatomy lectures. Irish immigrants Burke and Hare initially can’t believe that hadn’t previously struck upon this idea to earn money before.  But once they start finding bodies…they realize it’s a “cash cow” and they soon start finding alternative ways to find bodies…including murder.









Psycho (1960)

Phoenix office worker Marion Crane is fed up with the way life has treated her. She has to meet her lover Sam in lunch breaks and they cannot get married because Sam has to give most of his money away in alimony. One Friday, Marion is trusted to deposit $40,000 by her employer into the bank. Seeing the opportunity to take the money and start a new life, Marion leaves town and heads towards Sam’s California store. Tired after the long drive and caught in a storm, she gets off the main highway and pulls into “The Bates Motel.”  Once she checks in, the owner will make sure she won’t check out.  But Marion’s actions have ensured that Norman is gonna have a few more visitors.








Mr. Sardonicus (1961)

A man digs his dead father up to retrieve a lottery ticket and in the process is scared into a skull like frozen grin for years.  His cruelty is only exceeded by his cunning as he forces his wife from an arranged marriage to trick a former love and brilliant doctor to try and heal him.  I dark an surreal story with castles, torture and atmospheric evil.








Night of the living dead (1968)

John and Barbara are out to say some prayers for their father when out of nowhere comes “the living dead.”  John is disposed of and Barb ends up at an abandoned house.  Soon enough she is joined by Ben and a few stragglers in the basement.  7 people against the world.  The “Living Dead” surround the house and eventually make their move.  The 7 must work together to defeat these beasts, but that will be just as hard as killing their attackers.


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