Boo and greetings all. I know I have been a derelict blogger. Alas, with new jobs come new responsibilities. I am going to try and get back into the swing of things again. I promise. Here is my Halloween Cartoons post for 2015. This is a blogging tradition that I truly […]

Halloween Cartoons 2015   Recently updated !

When people start implying that because they’re not offended, nobody else should be, either. That’s when their arguments lose all relevance. You see, some people haven’t really learned that everyone is entitled to their feelings, whether those feelings are “rational” and “logical” or not, and that one persons feelings don’t […]

Simple Offence

Empty Nest
It has really been a long time since I have written anything and I must confess that writing something that does not involve the technical specifications of some piece of computer hardware or assisting someone solve an outstanding problem seems kind of foreign to me. I did start a new […]

Empty Nestlings

Modern Santa Claus is known to be an amalgam of influences, not the least of which is the Germanic god Odin. It is important to realize that there were many other holiday figures, both male and female, that did not find their way over to our modern American Christmas celebrations. German […]

Mōdraniht – Mothers Night

  I know its been a while since I posted. Please forgive me. busy job busy life makes one healthy, wealthy and blithe right? I ran across an article that I found amusing and wanted to share. It didn’t quite fit totally and was someone overly long so I have […]

12 Ways to Know you are NOT a people person

Ran across a very cool article today. Check it out if you are as the author states “brave”. Here is an excerpt to whet your proverbial whistle. Where humans derive ethics from, and whether they are even necessary, has been a conundrum within philosophy for as long as there has […]

Atheists should have no morals.

    It’s been a long time since we have heard anything regarding the DMCA in any of the mainstream  news outlets.  Lets face it, it really is not news unless it affects you,right? The problem with that kind of thinking is that this affects you and you don’t even […]

The DMCA explained…again

January really creeps me out.  I am not sure I know why, but I think it has something to do with the cold, rain, shortness of the day and the utter lack of anything interesting going on here in Tennessee. I certainly enjoy winter weather. We just don’t get much […]

January really creeps me out.

Just to weigh in on this craziness floating around the internet. I think Santa is a nice fantasy for kids. Just like the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. Should a child ask the direct question is Santa Claus real? The answer should be that he is a fantasy character […]

Nikolaos Thaumaturge

Wallpapers Market
  Tis the season to be Jolly..you know the drill. Anyone who knows me know I LOVE the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  A really good friend of mine named Mike was trying desperately to shut me up as I blathered on about all my knowledge of Dickensian […]

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

This topic has been blogged to death, however, it’s new to me.  If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you know I try to learn something new about our ever skewed American holidays each year.  This thanksgiving I have found what I think is a […]

Jingle Bells with Turkey