I am not just a computer geek but I am a geek on many levels. I am a beer geek, a music geek, a high-definition geek, a book geek, and I finally a movie geek. Lately I have been admiring the folks that bring the movies I love to life.   […]

15 Directors that Made me Who I am.

This will be my very last Halloween post of the 2009 season.  I have REALLY, REALLY enjoyed gathering up various seasonal facts and sharing them here.  I like to think of this site as my diary but also a collection of my thoughts.  As such I thought it would be […]

Vincent Price’s Blog Post of Doom

This post is my own personal opinion.  Part of the beauty of having your own blog is the ability to state your opinion without worrying too much about the content.  That being said settle in because I have a story to tell and it may take a bit. I will […]

Good or Bad is All About the Timing

This actually came from one of my favorite tech blog sites called Gizmodo.  I loved it ad it fit my beliefs and habits about the subject so here it is again in all its ubiquitous glory. In the 17th century, when groups of men plundered the seas in ships filled […]

Pirate Tennants