I had the distinct displeasure of sitting within listening distance of a family at dinner tonight. My ears were assailed with the most incredulous conversation regarding tattoos I have heard in a long time. Living in the south as I do, I should know better than to think the intelligence […]

Mother of all tattoo myths

Fall Geekery is upon us.  I have not had much of a penchant for blogging lately but in October the winds change and the temperature drops and my geek blood runs hot with Halloween fever.  I typically try to fill the month of October with all manner of odd and […]

Well, It is October the first.

It is hard as an atheist not to have an interjection when hearing people proclaim their religious beliefs. This doesn’t offend me personally because I have empirical evidence to back up my version of reality, and someone else’s opinion doesn’t change that.  I often find my self feeling offended myself when I hear people […]

The Interjection of Faith and 1st Greet

try not einstein
    I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with a very interesting fellow today.  I won’t put his name out there because folks deserve theirprivacy.  I was introduced to this guy through an old friend originally for a business discussion.  I have had hundreds of these meetings and like sales, […]

Do or Do not..there is no TRY

here are some facts that you may or may not find interesting about the holiday lovingly referred to as Christmas. Atheists get a bad rap in my opinion.  We like a good party just like the rest of the world.  We like Evergreen trees and wreaths and twinkly lights and […]

The great Christmas Caper

People usually fake enthusiasm, but not me. I am a realistic thinker. Many of my friends see me as a negative person. I get very tired of telling them that I am NOT in fact NEGATIVE that I am thinking REALISTICALLY.There may be circumstances where delusional thinking may make one […]

People usually fake enthusiasm, but not me.