The story of Frankenstein has always been one of my favorites.  I love the romanticism and mysticism that surrounds it.  I also love science so it’s really a match made in heaven.  We all probably know the story of Frankenstein, which I won’t go onto here, but as usual I […]

Frankenstein’s Real Father

The summer of June, 1993 was a wonderful time for me. Having finished high school the year before this was the first real summer spent knowing I did not have to go back to school if I didn’t want to. I worked almost my entire high school career so working […]

June 9th 1993

I have never liked my name Richard or dick for short.  It’s always been a source of angst for me. My true first name is Richard which, much to the amusement of many is often interpreted as dick.  My wife asked me the other day how the name Dick came […]

Richard, I am Truly a Dick

Being an atheist scares a lot of people. It is human nature to fear the unfamiliar and anything you do not completely understand.  I find that the definition of atheism is almost universally misunderstood by everyone that is not actually an atheist. The true definition of atheism is the philosophical […]

I am an atheist, and that should not scare you.