Belsnickle is not Santa Claus. The Pennsylvania Dutch, who were not Dutch at all, but ”Deutsche”, or German, are credited with bringing many of their country’s Christmas customs with them to America. This helped to shape the New World Christmas traditions. As early as the 1820’s, Father Christmas shows up […]

Belsnickle or Pelz-nickle is not Santa Claus

Some might think this post is offensive. I Ask that if you are easily offended or quick to insult stop now while you’re ahead.  If your open minded and enjoy poking fun at people for the frail, juvenile creatures that they are then by all means proceed. Ah, the middle […]

Adding Insult to..Whatever

I myself have never been and never will go to college.  I am a FIRM believer that wanting a college education means only one of two things.  You are either a narrow minded individual with grand aspirations of wealth, glory, and fame, or you are a gifted individual with the […]

College Admission Defeat