I am not just a computer geek but I am a geek on many levels. I am a beer geek, a music geek, a high-definition geek, a book geek, and I finally a movie geek. Lately I have been admiring the folks that bring the movies I love to life.   […]

15 Directors that Made me Who I am.

Xmas again. It is a foregone conclusion that for xmas this year we will all collectively spend an average (if you’re into statistics) of 84 minutes or more online reading our favorite blogs, news websites, and shopping.  Many folks will be looking like mad for the latest deals to spend […]

Xmas 2008

birthday 1
Birthdays are strange things, the more you have the more you try and pretend they don’t matter, and the more people try and tell you they are not so bad. I’m not really sure why it is that people think they are bad things, Its true, you are getting older, […]


In 1614 a British expedition landed in the area known today as Plymouth MA.  When they left they took 24 Indians as slaves and left smallpox, syphilis and gonorrhea behind.  That plague swept the so-called “tribes of New England”, and destroyed some of the villages totally. Mid winter of 1620 […]

Why we celebrate an invasion