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Werewolf Folklore permeates the fabric of our lives.  Stories handed down through the ages that become part of our culture make us who we are.  We don’t think about it much in our day to day activities.  It is usually during special occasions that ritual and traditions are observed in an obvious […]

The Evolution of the Cinema Werewolf

I post a lot about my computer adventures.  If you are a friend of mine or a regular reader you will find this post pretty standard computer fare about Laptop Solipsism. The tenants of Solipsism postulate that MY experiences are the ONLY provable experiences.  When you speak about pain, such as, you […]

Laptop solipsism

Happy Saturnalia! It’s that time of year again. It’s the Most Ignorant Time of the year. We have come to that time of year when the xtians complain about the secular war on “their” holiday.  My kids and I have to endure the dirty looks, snide comments and general inconsiderate natures […]

It’s the Most Ignorant Time of the year

This post is my own personal opinion.  Part of the beauty of having your own blog is the ability to state your opinion without worrying too much about the content.  That being said settle in because I have a story to tell and it may take a bit. I will […]

Good or Bad is All About the Timing

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It always amazes me the sheer number of theists that wander around all their lives oblivious to the fact that there are those of us that do not believe in gods. During the holidays this becomes especially noticeable. The question of where, when, how, or even IF a person should […]

Atheisim for the Holidays