What would Halloween be without Horror movies? I wouldn’t be very fun for adults. Now let’s think a bit about what makes a Horror movie so damned scary. The story is most definitely a key element. A spooky soundtrack and good Foley adds to the experience. These aren’t the reason […]

Prolonged Halloween Effects

I have never liked my name Richard or dick for short.  It’s always been a source of angst for me. My true first name is Richard which, much to the amusement of many is often interpreted as dick.  My wife asked me the other day how the name Dick came […]

Richard, I am Truly a Dick

Since a big part of my job is providing phone support to folks you can only imagine the names I run across on a daily basis.  It occurred to me today that there are a whole list of names that we should really think twice about naming our kids. Before […]

Names We Should Really Stop Using