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I know. I know.  The title of this article is rather salacious.  You will soon find that this has very little to do with space or the Stanley Kubrick film. This has been a terrible year for me.  I really feel like this was a throw away disaster of a year […]

2011 a Space Odyssey

I am a geek.  I like Geek culture. I like geek discussions.  I like Geek activities.  There are all kinds of sub groups of geeks.  I belong to several but one geek group I am very proud to be a part of is Movie Geeks. While some geeks might be […]

Do Geeks Dream of Electric Musicals?

One of the annual fall traditions in our home is watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” together.  There’s something sadly reassuring about watching poor Charlie have the ball pulled out just as he’s about to kick it… and if he ever got anything other than rocks in his bag, […]

Trivializing the Great Pumpkin