I was just cruising around the web, as I often do, and got the bright idea to make a post with some of the coolest horror movie themed animated GIFs I could find. Enjoy! As a massive horror movie fan, I love freaky stuff…but some of these were kind of […]

Horror Movie Animated GiFs, scarey fun

    Do you hear the winds howling? Is that a harvest blood moon rising in the dark night sky?  That’s right friends it is THAT time of year.  October is always one of my most productive months as blogs go. Mostly because I have more fun and exciting things […]

Stygian Strigiformes

  Ah, August, Sextilis how boring you are. Here in Tennessee its pretty damned hot in August and with humidity often reaching 100% for weeks at a time I find myself wondering if there is really anything interesting about the month.  I researched and found that probably the most interesting […]

Sextilis an Unloved Month

The south, where I live,is certainly not without its eccentricities.  Today I would like to share one with you that is to some degree funny and yet also sort of divisive. To properly set this up I need to tell you a story about my younger days. Thanks, in large […]


I love dogs. I have a dog I rescued from a shelter as a 2 month old.  I have done my best to love and care for my pup. Canine cropping and docking has reached epidemic proportions over the years. I ran across a post on Facebook that made my stomach […]

Cropping and Docking : Dog Mutilations Need to Stop

I opted out of Klout this evening.  At one point I had a healthy Klout score of 56, which put me in the top 5-10% of Klout users.  Over time my score dropped from 56 to 54, then 52, then all the way down to 5o.  This made no sense […]

Klout is a Joke

    I was very apprehensive about a year ago when I first heard they were going to reboot the whole superman man of steel franchise.  I am an old school fan of the whole superman comic series.  John Byrne is a hero of mine on an entirely different level […]

Man of Steel Review

I love my job. I refer to it as my pet shark. It has been very good to me. Anyone that says they “can’t complain about their job” is either crazy or independently wealthy. I CAN complain about my job. I can complain about it all day long if I […]

My Pet Shark also known as My Job

Now here is something interesting. Did you know that H.P. Lovecraft destroyed most of his early writings? A great writer already, by any stretch of the imagination at the young age of 18, H.P.Lovecraft decided to perform a bit of literary housecleaning as it were.  What this means to us is […]

The Noble Eavesdropper

I will admit it. I watch cartoons occasionally and I am almost 40 years old.  As I watch the shows that come on today, all they really do is serve as a vehicle to take me back to what was for me the golden age of well-developed and well orchestrated cartoon shows of the 80’s. […]

Cartoon Nerd Fun – Theme Songs

After the end of the world passed us by without so much as a dull roar, and all the Holiday Shenanigans have come to a close, and all the hullabaloo regarding the government has somewhat settled, what are we left with? It’s really a dull, dull month January isn’t it?  It makes me […]

January Makes me Yawn..then Cry

I was doing some cyber shopping the other day and stumbled across a figurine of a xmas character I had never heard of before.  Now, I pride myself on being a custodian of REAL xmas lore since it has become such a convoluted and distorted tradition based on both secular / pagan […]

And I thought the Krampus was Creepy