When one thinks about the shortlist of halloween familiars, owls, cats, hobgoblins none really carry as foreboding a presence as the humble Crow.  Crows are large birds of the genus […]

What you didn’t Know about Corvids

I was just cruising around the web, as I often do, and got the bright idea to make a post with some of the coolest horror movie themed animated GIFs […]

Horror Movie Animated GiFs, scarey fun

    Do you hear the winds howling? Is that a harvest blood moon rising in the dark night sky?  That’s right friends it is THAT time of year.  October […]

Stygian Strigiformes

  Ah, August, Sextilis how boring you are. Here in Tennessee its pretty damned hot in August and with humidity often reaching 100% for weeks at a time I find […]

Sextilis an Unloved Month

The south, where I live,is certainly not without its eccentricities.  Today I would like to share one with you that is to some degree funny and yet also sort of […]


I opted out of Klout this evening.  At one point I had a healthy Klout score of 56, which put me in the top 5-10% of Klout users.  Over time […]

Klout is a Joke

    I was very apprehensive about a year ago when I first heard they were going to reboot the whole superman man of steel franchise.  I am an old […]

Man of Steel Review

I love my job. I refer to it as my pet shark. It has been very good to me. Anyone that says they “can’t complain about their job” is either […]

My Pet Shark also known as My Job

Now here is something interesting. Did you know that H.P. Lovecraft destroyed most of his early writings? A great writer already, by any stretch of the imagination at the young age […]

The Noble Eavesdropper

I will admit it. I watch cartoons occasionally and I am almost 40 years old.  As I watch the shows that come on today, all they really do is serve as a vehicle […]

Cartoon Nerd Fun – Theme Songs

After the end of the world passed us by without so much as a dull roar, and all the Holiday Shenanigans have come to a close, and all the hullabaloo regarding the government […]

January Makes me Yawn..then Cry