I will admit it. I watch cartoons occasionally and I am almost 40 years old.  As I watch the shows that come on today, all they really do is serve as a vehicle to take me back to what was for me the golden age of well-developed and well orchestrated cartoon shows of the 80’s. Watch this blog as I will be posting quite a few posts on this broad topic. The 80s was a time of electronic keyboard bands,hair metal singers and eletro-drum beat machines. To get things started lets jump in the way-back-machine and check out some of these shows  that had amazing theme songs.

Kidd Video – Want full produced 80’s style video goodness?  Check this out (yes it was a cartoon)


Galazy Rangers – Some seriously 80s vibes from the poppy theme song here NO GUTS NO GLORY!


Heathcliff – Catchy tune, easlily understood lyrics and a serious electronic vibe


Bionic Six – Like electric guitar? Cheesy lyrics about family and friends?  Your all set here.


M.A.S.K. – Laser sounds, electronic keyboards, awesome uplifting lyrics..ah the memories


SilverHawks – Partly Metal Partly Real


Thundercats – a bit repetative but all the electric guitar riffs and distortion coupled with some big band horns wins in my book


Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors – Electro Keyboards and electronic drum machines as well as an awesome singer makes this a WINNER.