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Earth art is at the heart of history and the human experience. Primitive cave drawings and ancient stone sculptures have long been considered earth art. Increased artistic freedom coupled with technical and conceptual innovations have liberated artists. They are now free to create amazing works of art. Some of these are […]

Earth Art Great site and article on WebEcoist

Being an atheist scares a lot of people. It is human nature to fear the unfamiliar and anything you do not completely understand.  I find that the definition of atheism is almost universally misunderstood by everyone that is not actually an atheist. The true definition of atheism is the philosophical […]

I am an atheist, and that should not scare you.

I myself have never been and never will go to college.  I am a FIRM believer that wanting a college education means only one of two things.  You are either a narrow minded individual with grand aspirations of wealth, glory, and fame, or you are a gifted individual with the […]

College Admission Defeat